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Peritia Latin, Noun perītia; 1. experience; practical knowledge (gained by experience); expertise REF: Wiktionary.org/wiki/peritia

Peritia brings over 40-years of industry technical, real-world knowledge and management leadership experience derived from developing several start-up companies to international presence and subsequent acquisition.  With extensive background in Quality Management, Laboratory Test & Analysis and Analysis as well as key Management Development.

The in-depth Management & Leadership Development program provided as part of CRESTCOM’s extensive suite of program can provided your organization with the essential training and tools needed to succeed in todays’ rapidly advancing industry landscape.  One of the key programs offered is the globally-recognized, award-winning program called the Bullet Proof® Manager.

Management development is the overall concept that defines the numerous methods that organizations assist their managers, supervisors and employees develop their personal and organizational skills.  Companies and Organizations of all sizes and complexity requires a process for developing the skills of their managers & supervisors as these individuals direct and organize the work of all other employees. Additionally, if you want to retain your best managers and potential managers, it is imperative that you create the opportunity to continue their professional growth.  An organization’s commitment to employee training and development  is one of the primary factors in an employee’s choice of employers and job opportunities.

Peritia has the knowledge, resources and experience to develop your Manager, Supervisors and Employees to drive your continued success.

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