Audit and Corrective Action Resolution

The Audit Resolution Process engaged in planning, implementing, and monitoring the steps that must be taken to remedy organizational shortcomings discovered during an audit.

Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA), is a process that improves quality and identifies key factors to determine the root cause analysis process, and monitor the improvement actions taken.  To be effective, CAPA management must comply with ISO quality standards. An essential component of this requires tracking and recording customer complaints and the CAPA processes used in the corrective action.

Corrective Action and Preventive Actions are widely used to improve quality of products, processes, and the overall condition of the organization. A well-managed CAPA program within the quality management system safeguards that the business is managed with optimal efficiency.   The basis of corrective action issues management is focused on properly documenting the issues which lead to the identification of the root causes behind each issue.

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