Quality and Process Improvement

Quality Improvement (QI) is a methodical, formal approach to the analysis of current practice performance and managed efforts to improve performance.

A variety of approaches—or QI models—exist to help you collect and analyze data and test change. While it’s important to choose a reputable QI model to guide your efforts, it’s more important that you fully commit to using the Quality Improvement process and good QI practices.

Benefits of Quality and Process Improvement

Understanding and Properly Implementing QI and PI is Essential to a successful, well-managed organization, and is essential for any company interested in improving efficiency, product or service quality and repeatability.

Establish the Culture of Quality and Process Improvement in your Organization.
Your organization’s processes and procedures should support and be fully-integrated with your QI efforts. The culture of a practice including staring with management’s approach, attitudes, behaviors, and actions reflect how successfully the organization embraces quality.

Process Improvement is the proactive process of identifying, analyzing and improving existing business processes within an organization to achieve optimization and to meet the highest standards of quality. This will often involve a systematic method that follows specific procedure. However, there are different approaches to be considered during this process. Some examples include Lean Manufacturing which focuses on various opportunities for improvement and uses different methods to achieve the optimal results. Processes can be modified or supplemented with sub-processes or even eliminated for the final goal of Process Improvement. When executed successfully, the results can be measured in enhanced product quality, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, increased productivity, development of the skills of employees, efficiency and increased profit resulting in ROI.

Peritia’s Extensive Experience in Quality Management and Process Improvement can greatly benefit your organization’s success in the overall Quality and Process Improvement cycle. Aligning your management team with key personnel throughout the organization and providing them with the tools and training to perform at the highest level.

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