Leadership Skills Workshop

Start developing your Management team today with our 2-hour Leadership Skills Workshop. We will bring this dynamic, engaging session to your Management Team at your facility.  Discover practical management tools and valuable insights and that can be immediately applied to improve company productivity and growth.

In this Workshop your Team will learn to:

  • Identify current challenges and find better answers that Permanently Improve Efficiency and Productivity.
  • Implement tools that end miscommunication and get RESULTS Right the first time!
  • Immediately address issues that impact customer perceptions and employee morale.
  • Learn and practice a habit that will Raise Employee Performance
  • Set Actions with Specific and Measurable Steps that they’ll gladly be accountable to achieve.
Advantages of experiencing the Workshop prior to investing in any Management or Leadership Development Training Program:
  • Confirm whether all or only key people on your team should attend the full Bullet Proof® Manager (BPM) Program
  • Watch and observe how your managers engage in the program and exercises
  • Ignite a fire under your managers to implement what they learn immediately
  • Bring attention to specific leadership challenges
  • Think differently about communication and how to improve it throughout your organization
  • Experience one of the most effective ways to gain agreement and motivated your teams
  • Learn and adapt a practice that will raise employee performance
  • Begin the professional development process for your managers
  • The Leadership Skills Workshop proves the value of your training. The purpose of this dynamic interactive session is to demonstrate to the decision maker(s) that participation in Bullet Proof® Manager training will substantially improve company financials and the development of the leadership team.

The Leadership Skills Workshop launches leadership and management teams into action

What our clients are saying:

“I invited Crestcom to conduct the 2-hour Leadership Skills Workshop for me and my management team as a way to review the Bullet Proof Manager Program.  The workshop was professional, engaging and enjoyable.  Out of the workshop my team identified a potential benefit to our organization of more than $320,000 from the action plans we developed.  Based on what we experienced, we are making the Bullet Proof Manager program an essential training for our management team.”

Ted Bumgardner, President/CEO


We have increased our originations from $120 MM to $161MM from the previous year and we have better client retention than ever before.  For the six months that the managers have been enrolled in the program, we’ve began growing the company, virtually eliminated employee turnover, increased accountability, improved efficiency, and grew our profits by 30%.  We had a record year due, in part, to the training we’ve received from Crestcom.”  

Steve Mirsky
Pacific Rim Capital, Inc.
VP of Operations & Associate Counsel

Leadership Skills Workshop