Supervisor Skills

Crestcom International Supervisor (CIS)
This newly developed CRESTCOM International Supervisor (CIS) Program is a 6-Module program designed for lower-level Management Team Members at the Supervisor Level or potential Supervisor Level.

Key Modules in CIS:

Developed Customer Focus: How to Exceed Customer Expectations

Featuring: Lisa Ford

  • Understand the 4-levels of Customer Service
  • Be able to Exceed Customer Expectations
  • Learn how to Recover Customer Loyalty
  • Discover Ways to Empower Employees


Executes Vision: The Listening Advantage

Featuring: Dr. Terry Paulson

  • Better Understand the Importance of Listening
  • Discover the 3-keys of Listening Leadership
  • Be able to Listen Louder in the Workplace
  • Learn How to be an Effective Listening Facilitator


Influences Others: How to Become a Stress Buster

Featuring: Amanda Gore

  • Identify the Physical & Emotional Warning Signs of Stress
  • Discover Techniques to Control/Lower Stress
  • Learn How to Balance the Relationship between Excess Input (emotional, mental and physical) and Productivity
  • Explore Why Different People React Differently to Stress


Models Personal Growth: The 70-Minute Hour

Featuring: Dr. Jim Henning

  • Identify 12-Productivity Time Locks
  • Examine Methods to Overcome the Locks on Productivity
  • Learn More Ways to Spend More Time Doing What You Value Most


Drives for Results: How to Help Employees Be Their Best

Featuring: John Hersey

  • See How “Looking to Greatness” Can Benefit You, Your Company, Department or Work Group
  • Understand the Difference Between a “Contained” and a “Contagious” Leader
  • Learn to Identify, Refer to, and Hold People Accountable for Their Strengths


Develops Positive Relationships: How to Deal with Difficult

Featuring: Dr. Terry Paulson

  • Understand that Conflict has Value
  • Discover Ways to Make Conflict Work for You, Not Against You
  • Learn to Give – and Receive – Effective Feedback
  • Find Ways to Build Bridges and Develop Trust in Difficult Relationships

Crestcom Faculty Members Of The Supervisor Skills

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