Technical Training & Certification

Technical Training through Peritia provides the skills needed to develop, design, implement, maintain, support or operate a particular technology or related application, product or service.  Technical training is the process of teaching individuals or teams how to more accurately and thoroughly perform the technical aspects of their jobs. Training may include technology applications, products, sales and service tactics, and much more. Technical skills are typically job-specific as opposed to soft skills, which are transferable.

Technically trained employees will develop the skills and confidence required to perform their assigned responsibilities and tasks at an elevated level. This also improves employee efficiency and morale. Companies that offer technical training gain from higher performance, reduced operating costs and a higher reputation for quality.

Peritia has Certified Instructors to provide CIS-Level Training & Certification to IPC-A-600 and IPC-6102.  IPC Training and Certification is recommended for any individual who uses a standard, including inspectors, buyers, operators and management.

IPC-A-600 Training LogoWhile there are no formal entrance requirements, the use of the IPC-6012 and the IPC-A-600 in parallel are encouraged.

IPC-600 CIS Training & Certification

IPC-6012 CIS Training & Certification

The IPC-6012 CIS Training Program can be administered at your facility for up 15-students in a class.

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Technical Training