IPC-A-600 CIS Certified Training & Certification

Certified IPC Application Specialist (CIS) — CIS training and certification is recommended for any individual who uses a standard, including inspectors, buyers, operators and management.

IPC training and certification provides a process in bringing standardization and increased value to the IPC-A-600 Training Logoelectronics manufacturing industry. The IPC-A-600 Training & Certification program is continuously developed around current IPC standards that are advanced and approved by industry leaders.  The training course is delivered in a classroom environment by IPC Certified Trainers. Upon successful completion of the training program and successful testing after the course is completed, the individual is issued an industry traceable Certification for IPC-A-600. Final Certification Testing is administered through the proprietary online IPC Certification Portal.

NOTE:  IPC-A-600 Revision H Course Materials are available now. This industry standard program for visual acceptance of unpopulated rigid and flexible printed circuit boards is based on IPC-A-600.

The IPC-A-600 CIS Training Program can be administered at your facility for up 15-students in a class.

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