Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) Testing


Gen3 Systems introduces the next generation of test equipment used to measure the changes in Surface Insulation Resistance.

The new AutoSIR2™ system represents significant improvements over existing SIR test alternatives, and its shielded precision electronics provides State-of-the-Art resistance measurement accuracy to be made up to 1014gen3-SRI2 Ω.

One AutoSIR2™ chassis can accommodate between 1-16 measurement cards and monitor up to 256 x 2-point test patterns, 78 x 5-point test patterns, or 32 x 9-point test patterns at programmable intervals from several minutes to days. Additionally, each test channel is current limited (1 M Ω), ensuring that dendrites not are preserved (not destroyed) for subsequent failure analysis. The frequency of monitoring capability provides a full scope of the electrochemical reactions occurring on a circuit assembly and provides trend analysis enabling tests to be shortened, thereby saving considerable test time and cost.


Gen3 Systems offers custom test racks as accessories for the AutoSIR & AutoCAF.

Key Features

  • Measurements from all 256 Channels can be taken in <8 seconds
  • Measurement Range: 106 Ω to 1014 Ω
  • Applied Voltage: +1V to 100V
  • Measurement Test Intervals: Fully selectable from minimum of 1 minute
  • Measurement Method: Continuous on all selected channels
  • Capable of testing to all existing test specifications including: IPC, IEC, JNC and well as end-user specifications
  • Future-proof design features
  • AutoSIR2™ Measurement Method: Continuous on all selected channels
  • Available with 64, 128 or 256 channel configurations
  • System performs a self-test upon connection
  • Fully-adaptable with flexible software operating with Windows 7, 8 &10.

Technical Specifications

Number of Channels 64 or 128 or 256 Channels
Measurable Range of Insulation Resistance 106 to 1014 Ω
Internal Bias Voltage 0V; 3.3V; 5V; 10V; ± 50V & ± 100V
External Bias Voltage 1V to 100V
Measurement Method Continuous on all selected channels
Measurement Test Intervals Intervals Fully selectable from minimum of 1 minute
Measurement Time 256 channels, <8 seconds
Maximum Test Duration Unlimited
Current Measuring Cable Fully-Shielded
System Status LED'S Power
Data Collection Sampling Time, Elapsed Time, Resistance, Current, Applied Voltage
Applicable OS 110V/230V Switchable mains, single phase
Unit Weight 371 Ibs. (10.5 kgs)