Cleanliness Testing

CM+ Series Ionic Contamination Test System

The Gen3 Systems CM+ Series, Award-Winning, Ionic Contamination Test System is the Industry’s first combined ROSE and PICT Ionic Contamination Tester.

downlode-broucherCommonly referred to as “Cleanliness Testing”, the Contaminometer is the most advanced system developed to measure ionic contamination. This test method, for more than 40 years, has been recognized as an important Quality Assurance and Process Control tool in the manufacturing of electronic components and Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and Assemblies (PCBA).

International Standard IPC J-STD-001 traditionally states that assemblies shall meet a cleanliness value of <1.5µg/cm2 of NaCl equivalence.  Gen3 Systems, and this newest CM+ design, is directly connected to the introduction of the new process control metric referred to as: Process Ionic Contamination Testing (PICT). The new CM+ Series has the capability to measure the amount of Ionic Contamination in accordance with all current test methods, commonly referred to as ROSE (Resistivity of Solvent Extract) testing, as well as the new PICT test.

The system has also been designed to avoid polarization effects between electrodes, as may occur when utilizing DC test currents.  The Gen3 Systems Contaminometer series is available in five (5) different models and five (5) tank sizes.  To optimize accuracy and performance, it is important to use the smallest possible tank size for the PCB/PCBA under test.

All the test selection ranges incorporate a solid gold test-cell, ballistic amplifiers and dynamic pump systems to ensure precision measurements, uniform even at low conductivity values. The system’s PC-based software produces graphical test data, Pass/Fail Analysis as well as hard copy reporting using test methods in accordance with industry standards

Model CMBBT - Bare Board Tester

Optimized to provide the most accurate measurements, the system features a “Narrow & Deep” tank to avoid the undesired influences of CO2.

 Tank size  28” x 26” x 1.2” (715 x 665 x 30 mm) 
 Tank Volume   482 oz. (14.27 Liter)
 Minimum PCB area   23.25 sq. in. (150cm2)

 Maximum PCB size (in Handling Frame)

 25” x 25” x 0.3” (645 x 645 x 7 mm)

Model CM11+ Bench-top System

The CM11+ is the World’s smallest and most convenient bench-top system.

 Tank size  10” x 12” x 1.4” (250 x 300 x 36 mm)
 Tank Volume   91 oz. (2.7 Liter)
 Minimum PCB area   3.875 sq. in. (25cm2)

Model CM22+

Free- standing system able to accommodate larger assemblies while maintaining a low surface area to
test solution ratio.

 Tank size  10” x 14” x 2.4” (250 x 350 x 60 mm)
 Tank Volume   177 oz. (5.25 Liter)
 Minimum PCB area (in Handling Frame) 7.75 sq. in” (50cm2)
Maximum PCB size 330 x 225 x 33 mm (13” x 9” x 1.3”)

Model CM33+

Accommodates the widest variety of assembly sizes without loss of test accuracy.

 Tank size  19.7” x 13.8” x 2.4) (500 x 350 x 60 mm)
 Tank Volume   355 oz. (10.5 Liter)
 Minimum PCB area   15.5 sq. in. (100cm2)
Maximum PCB size (in Handling Frame)  19” x 12.8” x 1.3” (480x 325 x 33 mm)

Model CM33L+

Equipped with enhanced plumbing to maintain optimum test accuracy.

 Tank size  24” x 24” x 3.6” (610 x 610 x 90 mm)
 Tank Volume   1133 oz. (33.5 Liter)
 Minimum PCB area   38.75 sq. in” (250cm2)
Maximum PCB size (in Handling Frame)  23.2” x 23” x 2.5” (590 x 585 x 63 mm)

Model CM60

Utilizes a unique Volumetric Measurement Cell (VMC).
To perform test, simply input the circuit length and width
Place the sample into the tank and press Start – it is than simple.

 Tank size  19.7” x 13.8” x 2.4) (500 x 350 x 60 mm)
 Tank Volume   355 oz. (10.5 Liter)
 Minimum PCB area 

Tank 1: 15.5” sq. in. (100cm2)

Tank 2: 23.25 Sq. In. (150cm2)
Tank 3: 15.5” sq. in. (100cm2)

Key Features

  • Verified Six-Sigma (6σ) as a Process Control tool
  • Testing Cycle completed within 3-minutes
  • Unique CURVE-FITTING Analysis algorithm (Merit-of-Fit) providing the ability to forecast results of extended tests.
  • High -solution circulation rate, ensuring rapid removal of Ionic Contaminants from PCB’s and PCBA’s while delivering continuous, bubble-free circulation.
  • Full-cycle solution regeneration in less than 6-minutes
  • All CM+ systems have demonstrated Gauge R&R (Repeatability and Reliability) of ~2%
  • Exclusive solid gold measuring cell including a ballistic amplifier providing a test accuracy of <0.005mS/cm.
  • Measurement accuracy even with a high-proportion of test solution to surface area under test
  • System includes CO2 compensation function to remove any effects of atmospheric contaminations from test results
  • Includes latest range of PCB/Component handling frames with integrated drain system
  • Measurements are in accordance with all International Commercial and MIL-Specifications
  • The CM+ Series Systems provide the highest level of Accuracy, Sensitivity, Linearity, Precision and Repeatability


The Gen3 Systems CM+ Series includes a full-range of accessories to provide the user with all the necessary items to perform Contamination Testing. All tools may be retro-fitted to our original CM Series ordered individually.
CM+ System Includes Comprehensive Accessories Kit:

  • Hydrometer (for either 75:25 or 50:50 IPA: DI Water mixtures)
  • Thermometer
  • CM+ Software Disc
  • Steel Ruler
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Fluid Dispenser
  • ESD Wrist Strap
  • Claw Pick-up Tool
  • Fluid Draining Tool

The CM+ range of PCB/PCBA and Component Handling Frames are effective tools to provide fast and reliable placement, drainage and removal of PCB/PCBA’s from the test chamber during the testing process. They include an Electropolished Stainless Steel frame with wire supports for larger PCB/PCBA’s along with a mesh basket for smaller PCB/PCBA’s and Components.